Client: Sevenstar Yacht Agency Transport BV
Delivered services: Cradles
Location: IJmuiden
Period: 2003 – 2011

Sevenstar Yacht Agency Transport BV is our client since 2003. Sevenstar organizes transports for luxury yachts and motor boats to Europe and other continents, like the USA. The yachts and motor boats are transported on the deck of sea-going vessels.

To ensure safe transport of the yachts and motor boats, support constructions (cradles) are necessary.

H&S Nederland BV is often contracted to deliver these cradles. Deadlines are crucial for this client. H&S has developed their own cradles based on the container twist lock system . These cradles are being used all over the world. We also do maintenance on those cradles if necessary.

Our activities:

  • consultancy
  • detailed engineering
  • production
  • maintenance